6 Reasons to Take Your Date to Breakfast

6 Reasons to Take Your Date to Breakfast - a #staymarried blog on Sensible Singles Week

If you read yesterday’s post from Emily, she sort of called us out for meeting in a bar. It’s true. Tony and I did meet at a bar. While it was “Holy Crap! He’s HOT!” at first sight for me, we didn’t actually start dating until a few years later. When we did, our very first date was at Chace’s Pancake Corral over breakfast. It was perfect.

I didn’t know at the time why it was perfect. I thought it was perfect because Tony was perfect. We had such a good time, we went on several more breakfast dates trying out new places together around our city. It was fun!

I’ve since thought a lot about what made those breakfast dates so great, and every time a single person asks my advice about dating (ok, maybe only four single people ever have asked for my advice), I tell them all about The Breakfast Date. And now it’s time for me to give you the same advice. Here are some reasons why you should also try dating over breakfast.

6 Reasons to Take Your Date to Breakfast - a #staymarried blog on Sensible Singles Week

1. It’s Cheap

Regardless of who is paying, although guys, I think you should at least offer once in a while, a breakfast date will be a lot less expensive than a dinner date. If you’re considering your date an investment in both time and money, better to save up and take someone you know you really like on a more expensive date, no?

2. You always have the right outfit

I don’t know if guys go through this, but when a woman is about to go on a date she can easily spend quite a bit of energy figuring out just what to wear. When it comes to meeting up for breakfast, it’s a lot easier to keep things casual and wear something normal like jeans and a sweatshirt and rely more on who you really are than your cute outfit to keep your date interested.

3. No Beer Goggles

For some reason– ok, we know the reasons– when alcohol is involved, we tend not to make our very best decisions about people or impressions on them. Dating over breakfast, with juice and coffee, keeps things light and hopefully your true personalities shine brighter without the influence of alcohol. Though, if you’re feeling nervous, go ahead and order that bloody mary. Just maybe don’t order three.

4. Happy conversation

Of course you can have a happy conversation over dinner, but the benefits of conversations over breakfast is that they can tend to be about the future, the day ahead, hopes and dreams. Conversations over dinner can easily fall into the past, what your day was like, how crappy your work week was, and before you know it you are bashing your ex right in front of them.

5. The rest of the day is yours

Typically you wouldn’t make plans to run errands or hang out with your friends after a dinner date. In fact, I think it would be rude to do so. After breakfast, however, you’ve potentially got your whole day of errands and the rest of life ahead of you. Maybe you’re meeting your mom for lunch, or headed to a friend’s birthday BBQ. If the date was mediocre, you simply move on with your day telling them, “It was great to meet you!” If it was fantastic, you now have the option to invite your date to join you in whatever else you’ve got planned. Tony and I often left our breakfast dates and went for walks around the lake or to browse some shops downtown. We liked being together and now we had the whole day to do it.

6. Post-Breakfast Nookie is Weird

Ok, I don’t really know the protocol anymore about how soon into a relationship people are sleeping together. Tony and I abstained for three years, and I know that’s not exactly common. But, seriously, it’s going to be a lot easier to (oops) sleep with someone you are only mildly interested in after an evening date than it would be after a breakfast date. Sex complicates things for both men and women. If you want to be in a serious relationship and seriously get to know someone, avoiding sex is just a good idea. Unless you think making out in the back of a car at 10am in a Denny’s parking lot sounds like a good idea. (It’s not.)

So there you have it. Breakfast dates are less expensive, there’s less pressure, and they’re lots more fun! I hope you go on lots of them even after you are no longer single. Tony and I still love our breakfast dates and feel like they are a great way to keep conversation light and really enjoy each other so we can #staymarried.

If you’re just joining us for Sensible Singles Week, check out Emily’s post on 8 Tips for Online Dating. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on Finding Your Soulmate!

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  1. I’m in favor of the breakfast date! Ours was IHOP after church- we left, he went running, I went for a walk (and found out later we both called our mothers about how well we thought it went).

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