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“There are no original ideas. There are only original people” – Barbara Grizzuti Harrison

Links We Love - #staymarriedWhen I feel like I’m in a rut with writing, or coming up with a halloween costume for my kids, or making dinner, this thought comforts me. King Solomon, known for his wisdom, introduced the concept by telling us there was “nothing new under the sun,” and he said that quite a long time before Jesus walked the earth. If he could see the tablet I’m typing on now or Michael J. Fox’s hover board, he might have said differently. Still, the idea is that everything that can be thought of probably has been. Which, to me, means that I can concentrate on learning and growing, and I don’t have to concentrate on being completely creative with the way we make decisions about #staymarried. Tony and I can share with you as we grow, and we don’t need to be concerned with whether or not you’ve heard of this idea before. We can be ourselves without the pressure of always being “new.”

This concept also makes me grateful for other writers and researchers of relationships. You may have noticed that we quote a lot of other authors along with sharing stories about our own married life. We have spent a significant amount of our marriage admitting we don’t have it all figured out, which put us in a great position to be mentored and learn from people who are much further down the marriage road than we are. We love to learn and we’re always happy to hear about a new resource.

I’ve been thinking that one way to love on purpose is to be open to learning new things and taking on different perspectives for our marriages. We believe resources are most valuable when they’re shared, so for today I thought I’d share some of my favorite online resources with you.


Relationship Blogs I Love

The Gottman InstituteThe Gottman Institute Marriage and Relationship Blog – This blog is full of researched wisdom. They not only cover relationship topics but they also offer practical advice for parenting. I also recommend following them on Facebook and Twitter where they often post other great articles.


Art Of ManlinessThe Art of Manliness – This blog is dedicated to uncovering the lost art of being a man. The Art of Manliness handles everything from “manly skills” to relationships and family, with the ultimate goal of encouraging readers to be better husbands, fathers, brothers, and men.


Modern MarriedModern Married – This blog is written by an infectiously joyful life and relationship coach, Maggie Reyes. She adores her husband, is clearly a romantic, and with plenty of experience helping couples, hers is a blog I always look forward to!


Happy Wives ClubHappy Wives Club – Having had it with the whining and complaining that is so common among married women, Fawn Weaver has started a movement for those of us that are happily married and want to stay that way. She often features guest writers and experts to help us with everything from loving our man in little ways to managing emotions around tough subjects like infertility.


Fellow 31 Day Challengers

Domestic FashionistaDomestic Fashionista31 Days of Serving My Husband
I discovered Ashley and others through The Nester’s 31 Day Challenge and have been delighted by her blog. My favorite post of hers so far was Day 10: How My Husband Serves Me.


The Christian Wife LifeThe Christian Wife Life31 Days of Respecting My Husband
Here is another wonderful writer named Ashley. She writes a great introduction here about why respect is so important. Then, my favorite post so far was Day 7: Respecting His Desire for Me (Sex).


Becoming MichelleBecoming Michelle31 Days of My Marriage Journey (for wives) #nofilter
I was first drawn to check out this blog because, well, her name is Michelle and her husband’s name is Tony. I’ve been hooked because it seems we have a lot more in common than just our names. She writes transparently, though without any self-deprecation, about her dysfunctional childhood and lovingly about her journey to have a healthy marriage now as an adult. My favorite post so far has been The Vulnerability in Letting Him Know “I Need You.”

You are reading Day 18 in our 31 Days of Loving on Purpose series.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Michelle

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2 thoughts on “Links We Love

  1. We are marriage and relationship educators, coaches and counselor. There is a blog section on our website plus lots of articles. Hope you find the content useful.

  2. Hi Michelle,

    Your site is so refreshing. I too have a blog that is written based on my own experiences and I have found it difficult to find other blogs that aren’t overtly religious or too cluttered with non-relationship topics. My husband of 13 years and I split up last year because we let life weigh down our commitment and chip away at our connection. We have and still are working hard to reinvigorate our relationship and I have found it very therapeutic to share our experiences with others. My blog is focused locally on dating-your-spouse right here in Colorado Springs, but the topics are universal. I would be honored if your would share our link on your site and I would love to share yours on mine.

    Thank you Michelle,

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