Love is Not Wavering

Yesterday I invited you to daydream with me about attending a wedding together. We snuck in and began to listen to my friend Kyle share a message with his friends, Chris and Tina. I was challenged more than I’d like to admit about the ways that love expresses itself. When I really thought about it, I saw that I can be rude and selfish toward Tony, and that is no way to love. Weddings have a way of reminding me of those pure early days of love.

Lets Sneak Into A Wedding - #staymarried blog, image by Amy Walton PhotographyToday, let’s go back to daydreaming. Take a moment with me to soak in the sunlight out here in this wonderful garden. Everyone here is relaxed and in a good mood. I’ve saved your seat next to me. Let’s listen to the rest of what Kyle shared with his friends. Here he goes…

The second thing that came alive to me is that there is no wavering in this scripture.  What if the scripture read like this:

“Love is sometimes patient and is sometimes kind. It is rarely jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It seldomly demands its own way. It may be irritable at times, and keeps a few records of wrong. Injustice can be funny at times but truth is also nice. Love sometimes gives up, can lose faith, but is mostly hopeful, and endures almost every circumstance.”

Love is not wavering or uncertain. It is the rock. One thing love is is Everything. Without love what is there? The very reason Christ died on the cross for each one of us is that He loved us so much that he was willing to die for our shortcomings so that we wouldn’t have to die for them ourselves. He is the greatest example of love. If you want to be blown away by love, read this scripture with the mindset of how God feels about you. He is the only one that has perfected love. His love for you is the fulfillment of this scripture and He is in perfect love with you.

Maybe today you are here celebrating the coming together of these two amazing people and remembering when your marriage was full of hope and anticipation. But, somewhere along the way, things got confusing and jumbled. Challenge yourself with this scripture.  What is your choice in light of what love is? Where love is, there can be no failure.

With this in mind, it does not say that we must have perfect love. But if we love, everyday will get brighter and brighter. I know Chris and Tina would be thrilled if today was not only the day that their new life together begins, but it would also be a day that maybe you made a renewed commitment to your spouse or possibly respond personally to the love Christ has with you. They are both great examples of how the love of Christ can renew and transform all of us.

Tissues, please? How lucky are Chris and Tina to have had Kyle write this special message for them? How lucky are we to sneak in and listen for ourselves? I need this today. I need to know that love is not wavering or uncertain. Love is steady. Love, in it’s perfect form, can be relied upon. I also need to know that I am not expected to love perfectly, but that I can try. I need this challenge like the arrow of a compass, pointing me in the direction of what love really is. It is so easy to believe that love is just a feeling, and that sometimes I just won’t feel it. But, that’s not true. Love, as Kyle says, is a choice. Love is the choice I’m going to make today, and with that, to #staymarried.

About Kyle…

Kyle and Rachel - #staymarriedTony and I have been friends with Kyle and his wife Rachel for many years. This is an inspiring couple that walks the talk, believing not only in staying married but also giving their time to mentor pre-marital couples. They choose love in every way they live their lives and for the last 16 months they have opened their home and their hearts to a young foster daughter. They are now presented with the incredible opportunity to reunify her with her family who lives across the country. We would like to help them raise the necessary funds so that they can travel with her and stay for a short week to help with the transition. Would you like to help, too? As little as a $5 donation could make all the difference for these two families. You can find out more about it here.

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Garden Wedding Image Credit: Amy Walton Photography

Kyle and Rachel Image Credit: Tonhya Kae Photography

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