S3 E2 | Relationship Goals: How Millennial Couples Are Making It Last

Relationship Goals - How Millennial Couples Are Making It Work, Jay Cadet on The #staymarried PodcastRelationship Goals - How Millennial Couples Are Making It Work, Jay Cadet on The #staymarried Podcast
Millennial Couples are setting the bar higher than ever when it comes to what they expect in their relationships, and why shouldn’t they?

In this episode of The #staymarried Podcast we talk with Jay Cadet, a Relationship Coach who specializes in working with unmarried millennial couples. He shares his insights on how our media consumption influences our behavior in relationships as well as how couples can recover and thrive after something as devastating as infidelity.

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Jay Cadet is a Relationship Coach who helps unmarried, millennial couples build strong relationships they can feel confident committing to for the long haul. He lives in Harlem, NYC with his wife and son and typically can be found roaming around exploring the city, hanging out at museums, or hunting down the next burger joint to try out. He’s @JayCadet on Instagram and Twitter, and you can also come find him on Facebook.

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A New Approach To Us Jay Cadet #staymarried


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Relationship Goals - How Millenial Couples Are Making It Work, Jay Cadet on The #staymarried Podcast


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Relationship Goals - How Millennial Couples Are Making It Work, Jay Cadet on The #staymarried Podcast

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2 responses

  • Reta Muellemann on

    This podcast has so many valid points. I however, do feel as a boomer adult in a healthy marriage, do feel that in this generation, peoples perception of healthy relationships are very much influenced by two things. The first thing is our changing societal dynamic and definition of “family.” Much of who we are is shaped by who models family roles. Second and maybe the biggest influence,is media and entertainment. If there’s no modeling at home millenials may look at relationships in the entertainment they watch as “normal” for how we should interact with one another and what’s okay and what’s not. Infidelity is just accepted as part of relationship and there may not be boundaries.

    • Definitely! As a woman who was raised by a single-mom, Tony and I have had to pay attention to what we view as normal and what we decide to be intentional about because it may not have been modeled for either of us. Great points, Reta <3

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