That woman has loved me…

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson - #staymarried

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson celebrated 25 years of marriage earlier this year.

Hanks is a sweet, attentive husband, Wilson says. “He leaves me notes, by the phone or the coffeemaker. I keep them all. He also sends me pictures from his phone all day—where he is, what he’s doing, something he saw,” she once said in an interview with Parade. 

And even though it’s been 25 years, “it seems like we’ve been married 2-and-a-half [years] to me, it’s blown by so quick,” Hanks shared with Piers Morgan in March. “Every day is a blast with Rita Wilson. When I met Rita, I thought, ‘oh, this is what it’s supposed to be like when you are married to someone. It’s supposed to be this carefree and easy.'”

One way to make sure your spouse knows you love them is to replace the little criticisms for compliments. Next time you’re tempted to ask “Is THAT what you’re wearing?” try “The dark blue jeans are my favorite on you!” Build each other up this week and #staymarried.

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