31 Days of Loving On Purpose

You’ll Have an Opportunity Today

Each and every day we are bombarded with the “have-to’s.” You have to go to work. You have to do the laundry. You have to pay your utilities bill. You have to go to that very long meeting that feels like a big waste of time. You have to remember to take the garbage out to the curb. The “have-to’s” are the part of adulthood that you couldn’t imagine when you were a kid and all you wanted was to grow up and do everything by yourself. We’re grown ups. We have a lot of things to do now.

Because there are so many “have-to’s,” it’s pretty easy to overlook the “get-to’s.” I get to eat whatever I want (not that I should). I get to snuggle my kiddos. I get to listen to music I like throughout the day. The “get-to’s” are opportunities we have to enjoy life every day if we’ll only look for them.

In fact, you’ll have an opportunity to go out of your way to be kind to your spouse today. I promise. You could bring them an unexpected latte. You could text them a sweet “thinking of you” message. You could check in with them to see if there is anything they need from the store on your way home. You could rub their shoulders. You could offer them 15 guilt-free minutes without the kids around. Today, you and I get to figure out a way to show and tell the most important person in our lives, our spouses, that we love them. It’s not a “have-to,” it’s a “get-to.” Don’t let it slip you by.

You'll have an opportunity today... #staymarried #marriage #love

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