12 Awesome Marriage Resources That Aren’t Books

Reading is hard.

I say that as someone who loves to read and loves to write. But reading IS hard, especially when we have so many things in our lives distracting us and making it tough to concentrate for very long on things like words on pages.

While I worked on the manuscript for The #staymarried Book, I found that I could not read anything else. I just couldn’t. I had books that I wanted to read, but opening one had the same appeal as lifting a 200 pound bar bell. Are they even called bar bells? I don’t know. I don’t work out. I’m probably not going to pick one up. Anyway, my poor tiny brain was overwhelmed by all the research and reading and writing I was doing, but I still wanted to absorb some marriage goodness.

So, whether you’re in a No-Books-For-Me season of your life, or you just naturally prefer other mediums, here are some of my favorite non-book marriage resources. {Hint: PIN THIS so you can come back to it later}

12 Awesome Marriage Resources That Aren’t Books


1. Fighting the Fray

John and Paige are the real couple behind Fighting the Fray, a new Vlog series on YouTube that I instantly fell in love with. I think you will, too. You can listen to our interview with them on The #staymarried Podcast hereI also follow their Instagram to keep the encouragement coming.

2. Naked Conversations

Naked Coneversations by Meygan and Casey Caston of Marriage 365These monthly interactive webcasts are brought to you by Meygan and Casey from Marriage 365. These two are so fun and practical, and they aren’t afraid to cover topics like oral sex hangups and forgiveness after betrayal.


Find out more here: Naked Conversations

3. Rethinking Infidelity

Relationship therapist Esther Perel examines infidelity in a way I’d never considered before. This video is so thought provoking, Tony and I have had many conversations about Perel’s perspective and how her thoughts correspond to the way we navigate our own relationship.

Esther Perel TED Rethinking Infidelity



::On-The-Go Encouragements::

4. The Marriage Minute

The Gottman Institute recently started sending out the handiest little newsletter called “The Marriage Minute.” It comes straight to my inbox, usually takes me less than 60 seconds to read, and always gives me some new insight or much needed reminder for my marriage. You can subscribe to it for free here. Here’s a snapshot from my own inbox. The Marriage Minute by The Gottman Institute



5. Jay Cadet’s Instagram

Jay Cadet, Relationship Coach, on InstagramIt’s no secret I love Instagram. Jay’s feed is geared toward those who are dating or engaged, but his clear wisdom has been great for me, too! You can (and SHOULD!) follow him here: Jay Cadet on Instagram. For more about Jay and his philosophy on love and marriage, you can catch his episode on The #staymarried Podcast here.


6. Sweet Wives Facebook Community

Ladies, this one is for you. The Sweet Wives Community is hosted by Chelsea Damon of Living the Sweet Wife. I stumbled across her blog browsing Pinterest and immediately signed up for the free private Facebook group. Chelsea posts encouragements and reminders a few times per week and it’s been so fun for me to hear from some of the other wives in the group about how they are bringing positivity and self-reflection into their own marriages. Check out her blog and sign up for the group here

Chelsea Damon Living the Sweet Wife

::Interactive Tools::

7. Relationship Reveal

Relationship Reveal on #staymarriedThis is a game unlike any other. Instead of finishing ahead of your opponent or scoring more points, the point of this “game” is to gain understanding – of yourself and your partner. Relationship Reveal was designed by Sandra Fischer, a professional writer and consultant with a diverse background specializing in communications, people development, and optimizing organizational effectiveness. Her expertise comes through in the design of the game. Tony and I took it with us on a weekend getaway and had one of the most revealing conversations we’ve ever had! You can find it here.



8. Find Your Love Language

Understanding the different ways you and your partner express and expect to receive love can do wonders for your connection with each other. Even if you’ve taken this assessment before, a refresher never hurts. Tony’s love languages have stayed mostly the same for as long as I’ve known him, but mine have changed a little over the years. You can sign up to take the free assessment here.

Five Love Languages Assessment on #staymarried

9. The Mini Love Map Game

Inspired by work we’ve done with The Gottman Institute, use the Mini Love Map Game the next time you have 20 uninterrupted minutes with your love. {Hint: PIN THIS so you can come back to it later}

The {Mini} Love Map Game - #staymarried



10. The Perfect Wife

This podcast is a fun spin off of another of our favorite podcasts, Marriage is Funny. In The Perfect Wife, host Jessie Pepper interviews wives about what’s making their marriages work. You can find out more here: The Perfect Wife 

The Perfect Wife Podcast on #staymarried


11. Marriage More

Jeff and Mandy Rose tackle everyday topics and interview other couples. You can find out more about them here, and definitely search for the Marriage More Podcast on iTunes or your favorite podcast player.

Marriage More Podcast


12. The Loveumentary

Nate Bagley is an ever evolving student of love and with this podcast he invites the rest of us along on his journey to discover that we don’t have to settle for mediocre love. In fact, I had a chance to chat with him myself, and he really is as fun and down-to-earth as he seems on his show. In this episode, Nate and I talked about Dream Building.
Nate Bagley Loveumentary



Wouldn’t it be silly if I didn’t mention the stay married resources WE offer?

The #staymarried Blog

Established in 2012 with this post. Here are a few of our most popular.

51 Little Ways to Build Your Marriage
Does Marriage Really Have to Be Hard Work?
The Best Apology – How to Say Sorry Like You Mean It


The #staymarried Podcast

We run our podcast in seasons and you can find them by searching “#staymarried” on iTunes or your favorite podcast app. We also keep an archive where we post additional resources for each episode.

In Season 1: The Seven Do’s and Four Don’ts for a Long and Happy Marriage, we took listeners through the principles found in the New York Times Bestseller by Dr. John Gottman called The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.

In Season 2 we brought in Love Experts like Marriage and Family Therapists, our own Marriage Mentors, and even other marriage podcasters to answer questions submitted by our listeners. We covered everything from in-law struggles to why you need a tribe of people if you want your marriage to succeed.

In Season 3 we’ve been exploring marriage through the lense of story telling. We’ve invited real couples and experts onto the show, navigating everything from millenial marriages to second marriages to same-sex marriages. We’re still answering the questions you send in to Ask #staymarried, too! 


The #staymarried Book

#staymarried: A Couple's Devotional by Michelle PetersonThe #staymaried Book is a 52 Week Couples Devotional, each chapter exploring how our faith works together with our everyday lives and with relationship research to give a fuller picture of how we can create a marriage that doesn’t simply last, but fulfills our lives and helps us pursue our dreams. Find out more about the book here.


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Whether or not you have the time or energy to read, I hope you will join me in looking for ways to tend to your most important relationship. Do you have any favorite resources that I didn’t metion? We’d love for you to share them in the comments below. In marriage, we’re either moving closer together or drifting further apart. There is no standing still. Take advantage of these resources, move a little closer to your love, and #staymarried.

12 Awesome Marriage Resources That Aren't Books #staymarried


The #staymarried blog was created to offer hope, stories, and resources for couples who want to stay married.

Tony and Michelle Peterson #staymarriedIf you’re NEW HERE, check out our About Page and read a little more about my own background on our first post.

Thank you for reading, sharing, and being a part of this #staymarried community!

~ Michelle



12 Awesome Marriage Resources That Aren't Books - #staymarried

8 thoughts on “12 Awesome Marriage Resources That Aren’t Books

  1. It would be great to hear some of the other resources everyone is enjoying! I have recently become an avid podcast listener (I know… I’ve had a podcast for a couple years now and am just now getting into listening to them) and would love to hear any other relationship podcast resources you like.
    One other non-reading resource that isn’t listed is Tina Schermer Sellers’ Intimacy Retreat. You can check out her work here (http://tinaschermersellers.com) as well as find out more about her retreats.

  2. Love ALL these great resources! I’d love for you to include our ministry! Carpenters for Christ (Dan & Kristie Carpenter) are certified marriage & family coaches and premarital counselors. Married since 2004, the Carpenters are passionate about equipping couples (engaged, newlywed, or longer-term) with Biblically sound “tools” to build &/or maintain a strong marriage. In addition to working with couples, Dan & Kristie are uniquely gifted to be able to coach families, both blended & traditional. Their blended family currently includes four children and four grandchildren. The Carpenters are also experienced & engaging speakers on a variety of topics, including marriage, blended family dynamics, & parenting. Dan holds a master’s degree in family ministry, and is a licensed and ordained minister. Kristie is an author, speaker and mentor. They welcome the opportunity to help you build a stronger marriage or family. Carpenters for Christ offers premarital counseling, marriage and family coaching, marriage intensive retreats, and wedding services.

  3. Thanks for the resources. I work with stepcouples and stepmoms. And remarriages take more work and more intentional effort. these couples need lots of resources as well. I will share some of these new resources – some I already talk about. But I’d be happy to share some of my Stepcouple resources as well..most are books but my website can be one too.

  4. I seriously loved this! I am addicted! My husband and I recently started a blog for the sole purpose of strengthening others through our good and bad experiences. We pray much success for you. We believe that marriage is so rewarding because it is so challenging. Thank you for sharing your goodness! Please visit us at http://www.beingbolens.com. We’d be honored to have our page visited by you!


    The Bolens

  5. Just discovered your series on the book by “The Gotts.” 😉 Good stuff! Listening to the entire series again this week. You are down to earth and relatable — very relevant, as well. I especially loved the blended family episode. More of those would be amazing! Keep up the good work!

    1. Ha! I hope it doesn’t get out that we call them that 😉

      So glad you’re enjoying the episodes. Thanks for the blended family encouragement. I’ll see if we can get more guests to speak into that <3

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