Tony and Michelle Peterson 2017Hi there!

I’m Michelle. My husband Tony and I work together on this #staymarried project; I do most of the writing and he does the designing. We’re a team in all aspects of life and our greatest joy is to encourage other couples in the beautiful and daunting work of building a life together. We do that in 4 ways…

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A Couple’s Devotional

This book combines everything Michelle has learned in one welcoming and applicable couple’s devotional. In #staymarried: A Couple’s Devotional, you’ll find:

  • Devotions that require only 30 minutes per week and address everything from finances and arguments to trust and intimacy.
  • Wisdom from the Bible incorporated with up-to-date research from research-based sources such as The Gottman Institute.
  • Inclusive, open-minded guidance that applies to a diverse range of couples.

With #staymarried: A Couple’s Devotional, you and your partner will learn to connect meaningfully and communicate honestly while renewing your shared commitment to your marriage and faith.
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The #staymarried Blog

Here you’ll find hundreds of articles we’ve written since 2012. The first post we ever published still sums up our heart and vision pretty well. Here are a few of the most popular.

How Being Defensive is Hurting Your Marriage

51 Little Ways to Build Your Marriage

The Best Apology – How to Say Sorry Like You Mean It

The #staymarried Podcast

Since we like each other so dang much, we decided to let you listen in on some of our conversations. We run our podcast in seasons and you can find them by searching “#staymarried” on iTunes or your favorite podcast app. We also keep an archive here where we post additional resources for each episode.

In Season 1 – The Seven Do’s and Four Don’ts for a Long and Happy Marriage – we took listeners through the principles found in the New York Times Bestseller by Dr. John Gottman called The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.

In Season 2 we brought in Love Experts like Marriage and Family Therapists, our own Marriage Mentors, and even other marriage podcasters to answer questions submitted by our listeners. We covered everything from in-law struggles to why you need a tribe of people if you want your marriage to succeed.

In Season 3 we split between answering the questions you submit on Ask #staymarried and talking with real couples about how they navigate teamwork, conflict, and changes in their marriage.

Season 4 is happening now. The focus this season is interactivity. We’ve launched a Patreon page, a message line (262.622.6638), and are encouraging more participation in the show. Here’s episode 1 if you’d like to skip ahead to the newest season.

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Love from Top Relationship Researchers

#staymarried is one of the best resources out there for couples that want to stay married. Michelle’s talent as a writer and Tony’s skill as a designer have resulted in digital content that is relatable, informative, practical, and beautifully presented. They created #staymarried to be a place of support and encouragement for couples struggling – they have done that and more. We cannot say enough about the amazing work that Tony and Michelle are doing to help people in their marriages. We have enjoyed collaborating with #staymarried on various projects and look forward to further partnership in the future.

Michael Fulwiler, Chief Product Officer at The Gottman Institute

Our Little Love Story

Tony and Michelle Peterson #staymarriedTony and I met in a bar in Lake Forest Park, Washington on a Thursday night in the summer of 2001. He was in a band playing live and I was with some friends who had nothing better to do. I was instantly awestruck, he could probably tell. We made eyes at each other and he made it a point to remember my name and use it often over our next few encounters. We started dating a few years later – mostly breakfast dates – and then, on a humid August evening in 2006, he asked me if I would marry him in front of our church home group. We were married at Golden Gardens in Seattle on June 8, 2007. We adore the Pacific Northwest, though we’ve now transplanted to Wisconsin twice during our marriage. We love and admire each other deeply. We are silly and sarcastic. We love good food. We love to slow dance in our kitchen to old Michael Jackson songs. We love our three little daughters. We love LOVE.

What do other people think?

I’ve been reading your blog off & on for quite some time, but since my husband is more of a listen-to-a-podcast-rather-than-read-a-book kind of guy, the podcast is a big hit! We have a lot to learn, and unlearn, even after 33 years, and you’re helping us stay married. Thank you!
Jeanne B.

Greetings from the Middle East! After I came home from deployment the last time my wife and I knew so little about Gottman and the four horsemen (divorce predicting behavior), actually we knew nothing. After some serious work and learning we are in such a great place even though I’m 11 time zones away. Please keep up the awesome work helping couples! It is so important. Take care.

My marriage was on the brink of ruin until I fell upon your blog on Facebook. My husband and I have been through some dark waters and when I was about to give up, this blog encouraged me to fight for what was most important, my family. It is a decision that I do not regret at all.

Why does #staymarried exist?

This blog is an attempt at solving my insomnia problem. In the short time that Tony and I have been married, we have witnessed innumerable couples separate and divorce, and this makes it hard for me to sleep. I get angry about divorce. I feel devastated with each story I hear. I began to feel hopeless about marriage altogether. Then, over the course of a few restless months, I began to tweet little things about marriage with the hashtag #staymarried simply to encourage the couples I knew. The response I got was overwhelming. People began to share their stories with me, arguments they were having with their husband or wife, desires to be happily married and realities that they might be on the brink of separation.

It became clear that 140 characters might not be enough. I decided to spin all of this frustration I have about divorce into hope and resources for couples who want to stay married. I began to write, I began to sleep better. I realize the stats are bleak when it comes to couples staying together, but I have hope that we can do something about it. I have hope that I am not the only person out there who will fight for their marriage. I have hope that there are couples who are struggling, but are willing to learn some new ways of doing things and take on some new perspectives so that they don’t end up standing in front of a judge one day listing the details of their marriage and watching a gavel fall on its demise.