Adoption Changes Everything


Adoption is a beautiful thing. It is a life-altering process, not only for the one who is adopted, but for an entire family and generations beyond. Adoption is beautiful and it changes everything.

We have walked with friends through different forms of adoption; international adoption, domestic adoption, infant-first-day-of-life adoption, and pre-teen adoption. With each family, we see adoption from a slightly different vantage point, but the truth is, we have never experienced this life changing event for ourselves. So, when our #staymarried community began to bring us more questions around how adoption impacts a marriage, we knew we had to reach out to people we know that have walked through it themselves.

In this interview, we talk with Jesse and Marisa Butterworth.

Marisa is the co-founder of Modern Mouse Design, a Disney concierge service where she and her co-founder Sweina take all the guess work and headaches out of planning your trip to Disneyland. They are Disney fanatics and have figured out some pretty genius ways to guarantee fun no matter how restricted your budget is or how little your kids are. They also highly advocate experiencing Disney WITHOUT the kids, so you might consider Modern Mouse Design for your next #staymarried getaway.

Modern Mouse Design on The #staymarried Podcast


Butterworth Family at Disneyland on The #staymarried Podcast

Jesse is the lead singer of the band The West Coast Feed. Honoring the collective legacies of Memphis, Muscle Shoals and New Orleans, The West Coast Feed – eight members strong — generates a modern and electrifying swagger rock/soul experience. They’ve been featured in Substream Magazine, Audio Fuzz, and many others. You can find them on Spotify. Their first full-length album releases THIS WEEK on October 26th. The band is on tour now and if you listen all the way to the end of the interview, we’ll even give you a taste of their sound with their song “You Belong To Me.”

The West Coast Feed on The #staymarried Podcast



“When we (Jesse & Marisa) first started the adoption process, we were told that it would be about 9 months before we could expect to bring our daughter home, but because all kinds of changing situations in Ethiopia, that timeline got stretched out to over 3 years. During those 3 years we went through a roller coaster of emotions, and a mountain of paperwork, but all the while we knew that it would be worth it when we were able to bring our little girl home to be a part of our family forever. And was it ever worth it. This is a picture of the very first time my wife got to hold our baby girl that we fought so hard to bring home. Our little family is complete now, and we are so grateful to the incredible people at All God’s Children International for helping us bring our daughter home, that we have been partnering with them for years to help bring orphan care to the 8 million children around the world who don’t have parents or family to care for them. In fact, a portion of everything that we make as a band goes to All God’s Children International so that we can keep making a positive difference in the lives of children around the world.” – Jesse Butterworth

Butterworth Family at Disneyland on The #staymarried Podcast

Please enjoy our conversation with Jesse and Marisa Butterworth…

In the episode, we mentioned a video the Butterworth’s made a few years ago to help others with akward conversations around adoption. Here’s that video…



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