Ep.11 of The #staymarried Podcast: The 6 Keys to Unlocking Gridlock in Your Marriage

6 Key to Unlocking Gridlock in Your Marriage - #staymarriedWelcome to Episode 11 of The Seven Do’s and Four Don’ts for a Long and Happy Marriage. Last week we talked about solving your solvable problems. This Episode goes one step further to talk about those things that feel unsolvable. As always, it’s going to be crucial that you have an understanding of what we’ve covered in the other episodes for this to make sense. So, I’ll list them again at the bottom of this blog post if you need to catch up.

Today, in Episode 11, we’ll cover Principle #6: Overcome Gridlock. Gridlock is any problem that feels perpetual in your marriage… that thing you argue about over and over again. We’ll explain more in this episode, share with you one of our own gridlock issues, and work through the Six Keys to Unlocking Gridlock together. Check out the graphic below and feel free to Pin it so you can come back to it later.

As always, this series is based on the New York Time’s Bestseller The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work because those researchers are smart and they know what they are talking about. If you don’t already have this book, you can get it here.
Ok, go ahead and have a listen… 

So, now it’s out there, I’ve got a drinking problem. Or, Tony’s got a lack of drinking problem. I suppose you can decide for yourselves. As promised, here is a graphic that you can refer to help you work through the 6 Keys to Unlocking Gridlock. You’ll find more in depth information in The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.  (Hint: PIN THIS so you can come back to it later)

6 Key to Unlocking Gridlock in Your Marriage - #staymarried


Use this as a framework for your discussion. Make sure that, no matter how far you get into these keys, that you end your discussion by expressing gratitude. As Tony said, the simple reality that your partner was willing to talk this through with you is worthy of appreciation.

6 Key to Unlocking Gridlock in Your Marriage - #staymarried

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6 Key to Unlocking Gridlock in Your Marriage - #staymarried

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2 thoughts on “Ep.11 of The #staymarried Podcast: The 6 Keys to Unlocking Gridlock in Your Marriage

  1. I would add one other point when there is “gridlock.” Call upon the help of a peacemaking mediator. This is the model God used to make peace with us (1 Tim. 2;5). We should adopt it when resolve differences in our own lives, including our marriages.

    Dr. Ken Newberger
    Southwest FL (Naples – Fort Myers)

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