Ep. 3 of The #staymarried Podcast: Nurturing Fondness and Admiration


The #staymarried PODCAST - a series featuring The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by Dr. John GottmanWelcome, welcome, once again! If you haven’t been with us in a while, we are working through a brand new Podcast Series. This is our experiment with a new medium where we get to have conversations and you get to listen in. Since it is a series, each episode will build on the one before it, so if you haven’t yet, please go back and listen to the first two. They aren’t very long and it will help you feel a little less lost in this third episode.

Now that you’re all caught up, we are excited to bring you our third episode. Today we are talking about Principle 2 of the The Sound Relationship House (The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work). It’s the second of the Seven Do’s: Nurture Fondness and Admiration.

Feeding the good stuff starves the bad stuff. Fondness and admiration are antidotes to criticism and contempt. For a quick activity, listen to the podcast together and then make some time to go through these 10 Ways to Feed the Good Stuff excercize. (Hint: Pin It so you can come back to it later!)

The #staymarried Podcast - Nurturing Fondness and Admiration

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2 thoughts on “Ep. 3 of The #staymarried Podcast: Nurturing Fondness and Admiration

  1. This is amazing and very helpful. Total respect for you both.
    God bless your family

    What I love the most, is that you always start by introducing yourselves for new joiners, and you inset links for the “about” page. This is very thoughtful of you.
    I wish I can convince my man to listen to this, but i am sure he will respond that he is not into such things. So i listen and then summarize it to him 🙂

    Are you guys dedicated to this? or do you have another Job in the morning?
    because it takes a lot of time and effort to write, blog, record and design logos on all social medias.

    1. Hi Ola,
      Thanks so much for listening. We are glad you are enjoying it 🙂
      Tony works full-time as a Ux Designer at Microsoft and he also does some design work as a freelancer. I stay busy with our three kids and the blog and podcast. We love this #staymarried work, and you’re right, it can be a lot of work. But as long as it seems like it benefits others and will help them have a happy and healthy marriage, we’ll keep doing it.

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