How Do I Love You? { A free eBook for the month of love }

How Do I Love You - Ideas for showing love from 25 inspiring parentsIt’s been a long time since our last #staymarried post. Some of you know we welcomed our third child into our family in December and decided to take a little bit of time off. I thought our break would last just a few weeks. Of course, even if you already have children, it’s impossible to prepare for just how much a new baby takes over your life… in the very best way, of course!

We’ll share more about her soon, but in the mean time, we wanted to let you know that we’re thinking of you. Marriage is as important to us as it ever has been. To celebrate Valentine’s Day and this month of love, we have a very special treat we’d like to share with you.  Tony and I had the chance to participate in a delightful project called, How Do I Love You? Let me count the days. It’s a delightful eBook created by photographer-blogger-creator of familyness, Davina Fear! She reached out and asked us each if we would share one simple way we show love in our family. We shared, along with 23 other wonderful people, and Davina took our little ideas and compiled them into a beautiful book full of inspiration for you! Here’s what she says about the project…

As a group of parents who own their own businesses, live life on the road, manage multiple schedules, and so much more, we are like you. We donʼt want to miss our kids growing up or the little nuances that make life rich and beautiful. But we sometimes have days that fly by so quickly, that at the end of the day, we canʼt remember if we actually shared a hug with our spouse or one of our children. We all have days like that…please know that youʼre not alone.

We also have high hopes for connecting with these wonderful people we adore. And we want to do it everyday. Which is why many of us have created connecting points that are built into our days.

That being said…none of us do all 25 of these ideas. Some of these ideas will resonate with you and others wonʼt. Choose the ones that feel authentic for you. These are our gift to you. Happy love month to you!


How Do I Love You - Ideas for showing love from 25 inspiring parents

You can check out Davina’s blog here and download the ebook here. You’ll find Tony and I sharing ideas 9 & 10. We hope you’ll print this off and incorporate a few of the ideas that resonate most with you as a way to show love to those you adore and, of course, #staymarried!



New to #staymarried? Welcome! Check out why we started this blog and my first entry to get a little background.

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  1. Michelle and Tony, thank you so much for being part of this project! Your contributions are beautiful and show your dedication to being intentional and purposeful in your relationships. I’m so grateful to you both and the work that you are doing in this world. Happy month of love to you both!

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