Is Blame Sabotaging Your Marriage?

S4 Ep13 of The #staymarried Podcast: Is Blame Sabotaging Your Marriage? with Tony and Michelle PetersonThis week on The #staymarried Podcast, we dig in on a unique listener question that came in on Ask #staymarried…

Michelle, Tony.
Your podcast has changed me. I say ‘me’ and not ‘my marriage’ or ‘my couple’ because I have recently discovered you and have been binge listening to you on my own but haven’t involved my husband yet as I feel like I need to improve my perspective on marriage before I try and change my relationship. Your advice is not just useful for marriage, it is helping me be a more positive person and improve myself.

I am just coming out of 3 years of postnatal depression and lost all connection with my husband who I was blaming for all our problems. I am a child of divorce and If it wasn’t for the children I would have broken off the relationship very easily. I see things differently now and I am determined to be happy and allow and create happiness around me. You are hugely inspiring as people and you make me want to be a better person and you are inspiring as a couple because you remind us all of the incredible possibilities of being in a committed partnership, a safety net that is also full of love and laughter and adventure. This is to say thank you for all the science, truth and fun you share with us.

I do have a question for you too: I work in international development and we are about to embark as a family on a series of overseas postings. It will be very important for us not only to be strong as a family but to find and create a support network wherever we are. You often mention that you are both introverts. Yet you have a very public profile, tons of very tight friendships and connections, and you sound very confident. What do you mean by introvert and do you have any advice for me and my husband who are also introverts to help us build meaningful relationships.

Thank you YOU ARE AWESOME !!!!!



Well, thanks Maya! This episode is dedicated to you…


We mentioned Dr. Brene Brown’s work on this topic of blame. Here’s a great video where she goes in depth on the topic.



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S4 Ep13 of The #staymarried Podcast: Is Blame Sabotaging Your Marriage? with Tony and Michelle Peterson