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S4 Ep1 of The #staymarried Podcast with Tony and Michelle PetersonA lot can happen in a year. Some years of our marriage have felt like imprints of the years before, but not this year. This year had more twists and turns, highs and lows, wins and losses, than any of our previous 11 years together. Whew! We are still trying to catch our breath from this whirlwind and we know we are far from settled just yet. But, that’s not stopping us…

We are thrilled to be back with Season 4 of The #staymarried Podcast. We’ve missed you, your questions and emails. We’ve often wished we could hear your voices, so… NOW WE CAN!

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One of the fun features that makes us NEW & IMPROVED is a good old fashioned telephone. If you’d rather chat than type, you can now call us and leave us a short and sweet message. With your permission, we may even incorporate it into an episode on the show. Tony keeps saying he wants to be more “interactive” so, I sure hope you call because he recorded an outgoing message and everything. He thinks you’re gonna call…

#staymarried is now on Patreon

One of the challenges we faced over the break between Seasons 3 and 4 was cutting back on some outgoing expenses from our family budget. For the first time ever, we had to consider NOT funding #staymarried ourselves (hosting and other blogging and podcasting related expenses add up). That meant we were either done for the time being, or we bring in advertisers and Tony dies a little inside, OR we toss it out to you fine people and see if any of you would like to help us make #staymarried fully listener-supported.

To thank our Patrons we’ve decided to host ANOTHER PODCAST! I know, that’s ridiculous. But, Tony talked me into it and so far he’s doing the majority of the work so right now it still feels like a good idea. This new podcast, #staymarried After Hours, takes all the thoughts and trimmings from interviews and our own private conversations and picks them up off the cutting room floor, carefully stitches them together, and delivers them to you. As a Patron, you will get to help shape the format and content of this unlisted podcast, so we can’t wait to see what you come up with. You can learn more about how to support #staymarried through Patreon for as little as $1 per month here.



We want to hear from you! Did you answer the question from the episode? What would you like us to cover this season? Leave a comment or question below for us or you can submit a question privately here: Ask #staymarried. We may even answer your question in an upcoming episode. Oh! Don’t forget we have a new phone number, too 262.622.6638

And, of course, keep in touch with us on the socials: TwitterFacebook, and Instagram. I’d love to connect on any of your favorite platforms. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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S4 Ep1 of The #staymarried Podcast with Tony and Michelle Peterson