Our Faces Are In a MAGAZINE!

Did you see my husband and I in the July issue of Glamour UK Magazine?

Glamour UK July 2014 - Tony and Michelle Peterson Interview #staymarriedYeah… that’s a question I never ever thought I would ask someone in real life. As unbelievable as it is, Tony and I were, in fact, interviewed and featured in an article in Glamour UK on the topic of long term marriages. I really thought you’d have to be a model or at least have some killer fashion sense to get into a magazine of that caliber. I mean, it says right on the cover: “Britain’s No1 Women’s Magazine.”

To my delight, the Glamour UK audience is searching for more than just the next hot shade of lipstick. They, like you and I, are dying to know what can make or break a marriage. We were interviewed by Hanna Woodside, who compiled insight from authors and researchers and slid our little tidbit of wisdom in the article right along side these actual experts. I’m still stunned.

The interview itself was an interesting experience. I nearly passed up the opportunity because, first of all… Are you serious? You want to interview ME for Glamour UK? Secondly there was that pesky time difference and my kids knowing EXACTLY when I need to focus on something and making sure I focus only on them. Also, I’m pretty sure I have some kind of allergy to conversations over the phone.

Once I realized that we could do the whole interview over email… I do so love the internet… I was a bit less intimidated by the whole thing. She sent over some questions, I agonized about my answers, finally sent them back, and now my face and words are IN A MAGAZINE! So crazy!

Glamour UK July 2014 - #staymarried

Want to see it? Well, pick up a July copy of Glamour UK for the full article titled, “For Better, For Worse… Forever?” Until then, I’m happy to share our small contribution with you here…

Tony + Michelle: Full Disclosure Is A Must

Michelle Peterson, 34, created the hashtag #staymarried, which now has its own website, staymarriedblog.com. She has been married to her husband, Tony, for seven years.

“I started the hashtag after a friend confessed to me that she’d been having an affair and wasn’t sure her marriage would last; it was the latest news I’d had that friends who I thought were happy were actually separating. The statistics that around 50% of US marriages [40% in the UK] end in divorce became more real to me than ever. What hope did Tony and I have? #staymarried was an attempt to beat those odds.

From the blog, one thing’s clear: secrets – even small ones – have consequences. You might not want to say that your ex messaged you on Facebook or admit how much money you just spent online shopping, in the hope you’ll avoid arguments. But, those tiny hidden facts accumulate and become an invisible wedge between you. Tony and I have had some of our most devastating fights after a secret – even an innocent one – was revealed. It’s awful to know your spouse doesn’t trust you enough to be completely honest. So, for us, full disclosure is a must. Only with transparency comes real intimacy.”

Glamour UK July 2014 - Tony and Michelle Peterson Interview #staymarried

When we first started on this #staymarried journey, our hope was to simply encourage our friends. I posted statuses on Facebook and Twitter just to remind my friends that their marriages were worth the work. Now that we have seen this message travel through the United States and across continents, we are the ones that are encouraged. It’s exciting to know we could be a small part of a movement in this generation to shatter the odds on divorce so that we can offer hope to the next generation who may truly want to do what it takes to #staymarried.

Would you like to read more about secrets and transparency in marriage? You might enjoy Confessions and 5 Trust Building Boundaries.

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  1. This magazine was how I found this wonderful website and it’s strange because I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve bought Glamour. But I’m so glad I did! I’m getting married next year and after a fairly difficult ‘courtship’ (three cities, six house moves and a long unemployment) we had forgotten that we were with each other because we quite liked each other. We are still re-discovering the happiness that had been a little hidden by all the difficult times.I love people who love marriage! Thanks Michelle!

    1. Hi Olivia,
      That is so amazing! Congrats on your engagement and I hope we can help you make this year leading up to your wedding joyful and memorable.

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