Our Picnic Dinner

You know, I was thinking I would take a week off. I love this blog and this #staymarried mission, but sometimes – even though I only post once a week – it feels overwhelming. I figured it would be ok to take a week off from researching the best relationship topics, learning about the most sound marriage advice, and coming up with relatable anecdotes to help those I know grow in their most important relationships. I reasoned, “People aren’t calling it quits this week just because I’ve decided not to post anything on the #staymarried blog.”

Our Picnic DinnerI’m still hoping that’s true, but I was thinking about you all last night as I was taking time off. I dropped Tony and the girls off at the park to play while I picked up some fish & chips for dinner and I wondered how the rest of you were starting off your summer. I thought about what I’ve been doing this week instead of writing, editing images, and planning for #staymarried. What I’ve been occupying my time with is actually what I want my life to be about. I have made time for friends and made time for my husband and kids.

I want to be the kind of woman that invests in community instead of just telling everyone else how important community is. So, every day this week, I’ve spent a bit of face-to-face time with women that are important to me. We have played and talked about being moms and painted and settled toddler-sized arguments and reassured each other that nobody is the perfect parent and we are all just doing our best.

Our Picnic Dinner - a #staymarried blogI have also spent more intentional time with my husband. We had a bit of daylight hanky panky. I made him a late night snack and lured him out of his office to sit on the couch with me. I checked in and told him I appreciate him and all he does for me and for our family.

Instead of writing and editing and replying to messages, I’ve been focused on the very things that I think help me #staymarried. I need my friends. I need my husband. I need to stay connected and to remember how to invest in my most important relationships. Emails and text messages go unanswered and I think that’s ok.

Though this post has no bullet points or research attached to it, I wanted to let you, my friends, know that sometimes I will take a break from some of the more thoughtful posts so that I can have a spontaneous evening picnic with my family and not stress about anything else that may be going on in the world.

I truly hope all of you kick off your summer with the same thoughts in mind. How can you be a better friend this week? How can you be a better parent? How can you be a better spouse? Pause once in a while from the mayhem around all of us so that you can reflect, refocus, and invest in the things that will help you #staymarried.

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Thanks for stopping by!

~ Michelle