S3 E10 | Couple Checkup: Knowing Your Relationship Strengths

Couple Checkup - Knowing Your Relationship Strengths #staymarried

If the name “PREPARE/ENRICH” sounds familiar, it may be because it was recommended to you as a part of pre-marital counseling at some point.

PREPARE/ENRICH has a long history of supporting couples. It was founded in 1980 after years of research by Family Science pioneer Dr. David Olson. The Prepare/Enrich program was developed out of research done by Dr. Olson at the University of Minnesota. They are rooted and founded on research and highly value their scientifically valid assessment.

This is why we are so excited that they’ve decided to partner with us for the launch of The #staymarried Book. Tony and I took the assessment ourselves and learned so much and really believe Couple Checkup is a perfect partner to our Couple’s Devotional.

In this episode we share what we learned about our own relationship after taking the assessment. Enjoy!


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An Interview with Author Michelle Peterson on The #staymarried Podcast

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