S3 E11 | Unfaithful: The Little Things that Lead to Big Betrayal

Unfaithful - The Little Things That Lead To Big Betrayal - #staymarriedWhen people talk about unfaithfulness, they aren’t typically talking about the lack of small acts of faithfulness that make up a life together. They mean – and will interchangeably use the word – infidelity.

Nothing rocks a marriage like infidelity. But, infidelity is not typically where the problems start. Instead, it’s often the culmination of little betrayals over time.

In this episode we discuss the interplay between faithfulness, trustworthiness, and simple habits. It really is the little things that make such a big difference in a marriage. Enjoy!


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2 thoughts on “S3 E11 | Unfaithful: The Little Things that Lead to Big Betrayal

  1. You gave my wife, Kathy, the best gift today by calling out her review. She was listening while she was out for a run and was so happy to share the experience with me, a double gift. As a military family we have love and learned for twenty six years, your blog, podcast and words affirm a lifetime’s worth of experiences. Thank you

    1. Jeremy, if I could have paid your wife some CASH money for her generous words, I would have. I felt so loved and so seen by her, it was truly a highlight! I’m so happy to know you both enjoy what we do. Thanks for taking the time to encourage us!

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