S3 E16 | The Joys and Challenges in a Muslim Marriage

The Joys and Challenges in a Muslim Marriage - #staymarriedOnce upon a time I noticed that #staymarried had a growing Muslim audience. Knowing basically nothing about the Muslim faith or culture, and wanting not to squander an opportunity to learn to help more peole have happy and healthy marriages, I set out on a quest to learn.

That quest led me to today’s guest, Menahal Begawala. “Mena” is a Gottman Certified Therapist practicing in New York. She is also the co-athor of the Islamic Reference Guide for the Gottman Method.

We learned so much from her, not just about marriage withing the Muslim community, but about the basic tennents of what makes any marriage strong enough to go the distance.


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You can find out more about Menahal and her counseling practice at menahal.com

The Joys and Challenges in a Muslim Marriage - #staymarried

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