S3 E21 | A Peek Inside a Therapist’s Marriage with Zach and Rebecca Brittle

S3 Ep21 - Watching for Sparks, with Zach and Rebecca Brittle“People seldom improve when they have no other model but themselves to copy.”

That idea, attributed to Oliver Goldsmith, reminds me that having friends with healthy marriages is a great way to keep my own marriage strong and healthy.

That’s one of the reasons we interview couples like Zach and Rebecca Brittle. You may remember Zach Brittle from Season 2, Episode 4 when he shared his perspective as a Marriage and Family Therapist about how we can find romance in our everyday interactions with each other.

In Season 3, we’ve been more focused on sharing stories of real married couples and I really wanted to hear from his wife! Tony and I had spent some time with Zach and Rebecca a few months ago, and they were so full of hope and practicality, that we decided to invite them over again and this time we put microphones in front of their faces.
S3 Ep21 - Watching for Sparks, with Zach and Rebecca Brittle

Zach often jokes that he and Rebecca have been happily married for 19 out of 20 years. Well, in this interview, Tony didn’t let him get away with this joke. I’m so glad Tony asked some bold questions and so thankful that Zach and Rebecca were willing to share about the hardest seasons in their 20 year marriage along with some hope and insights for those of us who have yet to cross that incredible milestone.



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S3 Ep21 - Watching for Sparks, with Zach and Rebecca Brittle

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