I LOVE love! I’ve been committed since 2012 to helping people find it and keep it in the context of healthy lasting relationships. So far, I’ve had the honor of sharing with college and professional groups as well as churches and women’s organizations. I get excited to dispense not only our #staymarried mission and vision, but also messages of hope and inspiration for all of us who want to give and get the most out of our relationships with our family, our children, our friends, our coworkers.

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“Michelle Peterson is an engaging speaker on the topic of marriage. Michelle is personable, well-researched, humorous, and passionate, but I think what people connect with her the most is her genuine posture. Michelle doesn’t come across as a marriage know-it-all, but as one that is committed to working on and growing in her own marriage.  Michelle inspires others to join in with the #staymarried journey by sharing lessons she’s learned along the way.”
-Rev. Annie Duncan, Bellevue Presbyterian Church, Bellevue, WA

“Michelle rocked. She is a gifted communicator that brings it all to the table – practical, funny, down-to-earth, and engaging. Bayshore loved having #staymarried LIVE and will be doing it again in the future!”
– Gary Hale, Lead Pastor of Bayshore Community Church, San Jose, CA

“Michelle’s presentation on dating was delivered passionately and offered insight and facts that had our group laughing, learning, and longing to hear more! What a blessing! There is still a buzz on campus from their visit!”
– Dr. Rachel Binns Terrill, Northwest University, Kirkland, WA

“You know that feeling when you’re listening to someone speak and you think to yourself, ‘YES! That’s exactly what I’ve been trying to say.’ Except the speaker is saying it in a much more eloquent and powerful way than you ever could?  That pretty much sums up what I feel every time I have the pleasure of sitting beneath Michelle’s teaching.”
– Jesse Butterworth, Lead Pastor of Rain City Church, Bellevue, WA





Dating Myths

We look at 7 myths about dating that most people believe and the truths that can help lead to a long-lasting healthy relationship.

Decoding Your Wife

Most men want to be good husbands, but their wives remain a mystery. In this message we look at 6 things every wife needs to hear to know they are loved and cherished.

The Comparison Trap

We are fed constant messages through social media that tell us that we just don’t measure up. This message is great for understanding comparison and how to navigate through it to live life as the best version of yourself.

Michelle Peterson on #staymarried

Podcasts of these messages are available upon request.



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