What Every Newlywed Needs to #staymarried

What Every Newlywed Needs to #staymarriedWedding season is officially upon us! Lovebirds everywhere will be tying the knot this summer. I love seeing all of the wedding photos… it’s a super exciting time in a couple’s life.

Many couples are also celebrating anniversaries this time of year. Tony and I will be celebrating our 7th year of marriage in just a few days. It’s a season of love and beginnings and nostalgia and I can’t get enough of it!

Since I can’t possibly crash all of the weddings I’d like to, I’ve put together this short list of some of our most popular #staymarried posts. Consider this our wedding gift to you – or a wedding gift you can give! These 6 brief articles, if read and applied, could get you off to a great start on your journey toward a marriage that lasts. If you don’t have time to read them all now, pin this page and come back to it, digesting and discussing one entry at a time.

If you are celebrating an anniversary this summer, like Tony and I, use these as a refresher. Think back to when you were first married, what you thought it would be like, and what has surprised you most since then. Wherever you are on your marriage journey, we can all use these reminders…


6 Essential Articles to Get Your Marriage Started Right

25 Things to Do Before the Wedding

25 Things To Do Before The Wedding - a #staymarried blogCouples spend months, sometimes years, planning for their special day, without much thought of the day they get home from the honeymoon. In a culture determined to sell you on the wedding, and with little care for helping you protect your marriage, I wonder what planning your marriage could look like. There is a surplus of wedding checklists available to brides. In this post, we share with you our #staymarried Marriage Planning Checklist… Read on to find out 25 Things To Do Before the Wedding…


7 Marriage Myths and the Truths No One Talks About

By Maggie Reyes of Modern Married

7 Marriage Myths and the Truths No One Talks About - #staymarriedHere are 7 Marriage Myths that rile me up and the truths that can set marriages free from mythical expectations and move them into strong relationship territory instead. The reason I get so riled up about myths is that believing them strips us of our power to do something about them. The only way I know to conquer a myth is to acknowledge it. By bringing it into your awareness, you now have the power to do something about it. Read on to learn about 7 Marriage Myths and the Truths No One Talks About…


For Better or Worse

For Better or Worse - a #staymarried blog for couplesWhat do the vows you recite to each other on your wedding day really mean? I see nothing in the language that says “unless.” There is no caveat for our day-to-day emotions. There is no room for exit when either husband or wife loses their job, loses their motivation, gains weight, and starts smoking. For better or worse, we say… Read on…



How to Think Like a Team

How To Think Like a Team - a #staymarried blog for couplesIn the case of our marriages, this failure to really listen to each other, to really try to understand each other, can often put us at odds with one another. If we do what comes naturally, we will play the marriage game as opponents. We need to, instead, come up with ways to listen, to seek to understand, so that we can have a “Same Team Mindset”. Read on to learn how to go from the Individual/Opponent Mindset to the Team Mindset…


Why You Need a Marriage Mentor

Finding a Marriage MentorNobody becomes an expert on their own. Everyone from professional football players to professional chefs will tell you of several examples of people who inspired them, people who went before them and showed them, by the way they succeeded, that it was possible in the first place. The most successful professional in any field will tell you without skipping a beat who their mentor is. Married people, if we’re going to succeed, if we’re going to stay married, we need to see real life examples of how it’s done. We need mentors, too… Read more about how Tony and I found our mentors and what we learned from them…


5 Ways to Stay Engaged Once You’re Married

Five Ways To Stay EngagedBeing engaged is just such a hopeful season. There is a lot of anticipation and excitement. In my experience, newlyweds get a lot less attention from those around them than fiances do. What can also happen if we are not careful is that, as the years go by in our own marriage, we also become disengaged from each other. We lose our sense of purposed love, we back off from making the effort to connect with our spouse. We slip into thinking, “We’re together now, mission accomplished, let us live in tandem instead of fully engaged in love and admiration.” Read on to find out 5 Ways to Stay Engaged Once You’re Married…



Tony and I truly believe marriage is amazing. We recognize its a relationship that comes with challenges and we are committed to dispensing hope and encouragement to any couple who, like us, wants to do what it takes to #staymarried.


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